Some Topics for National Poetry Month

Use these as we write a poem every day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. Or write about whatever is on your mind and important to you. Feel free to reuse topics on different days – sometimes an idea just seems to open up as it sits in your head. It doesn’t matter what you write – just write!

  1. Write a poem in which you INTRODUCE YOURSELF
  2. Write a THANK YOU poem
  3. Write about the BEST DAY EVER (or the worst)
  4. Write about a FIRST KISS (or a last kiss)
  5. Write a poem to SOMEONE YOU MISS
  6. Write a HATE poem
  7. Write a poem to a CELEBRITY
  8. Write about something you FEAR
  9. Write a poem about your GOALS
  10. Write a poem about a SPECIAL PLACE
  11. Write a poem about something you WORRY about
  12. Write a poem about a TREASURE
  13. Write a poem that is really a DIALOGUE
  14. Write a poem giving ADVICE TO A 10-YEAR OLD
  15. Write a poem in PRAISE OF YOUR SCHOOL
  16. Write a poem about BEING ALONE
  17. Write a poem to you FROM YOUR PET
  18. Write a poem comparing your LIFE to a GAME
  19. Write a poem to your FUTURE SELF expressing your hopes
  20. Write a poem about DIFFERENCES
  21. Write a poem of PRAYER
  22. Write a poem about something you BELIEVE
  23. Write a poem about the WEATHER
  24. Write a poem about WRITING A POEM
  25. Write about your FAVORITE PASTIME
  26. Write a poem about your PERSONAL MOTTO
  27. Write a poem that TEACHES A LESSON
  28. Write a poem about REFUSING something
  29. Write a poem about a CHILDHOOD MEMORY
  30. Write a GOOD-BYE poem

You are in no way limited to these ideas, but I want you to have something to fall back on just in case you feel as if you have “nothing to write about.”

Thirty poems … thirty days … you can do it!