OK, well, on to the next stage. I made it through the surgery OK. I’m in quite a bit of pain, but  I wanted to let you all know as soon as I could.

I don’t know any details. Sorry i won’t be there this week.



I will be straight with you guys. I have cancer. I have to have surgery on Friday, and the recuperation will keep me in the hospital at least all of next week as well. Probably the week after. I’m not sure of any details beyond that.

I’ve given the sub good directions to keep you moving forward. She says some people are making the wrong decisions regarding their work ethic. I have no respect for that and would ask you – politely – to make different decisions moving forward.

I am so sad not to be there. Help me, please, by encouraging your friends to keep up with the work. I am working for your success FROM THE HOSPITAL where I am suffering WITH CANCER to still lead to your success. I’m sure you can do what you need to do on your part to succeed as well.


Hospital Stay

Well, I was hoping to be in and out of the hospital today and take tomorrow for a recuperation day. Unfortunately, however, I’m being admitted to the hospital and will probably be here all week.

The sub you have tomorrow should be the same sub that you have all week.  I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that you have meaningful work. I would never waste your time. Please respect me by making sure you do what you are supposed to do.

On Friday, I provided you the opportunity to make up work that you were absent for as well as to redo and/or finish certain assignments. I have not yet gotten those grades posted, unfortunately. They will not be changed before interims are given, so make your parents aware if your revised grade should be different.

Have a good week. I’m sorry i won’t be there with you.

End of Week Four

English 3R and 4R

This week all classes did the county-required Performance Task #1, which required them to read and highlight three articles and then use what they read as they responded to an essay prompt. They had two days to do this: We read and highlighted on Tuesday; then I read the articles with them on Wednesday and helped them think of things that should be highlighted. On Thursday we wrote the essay. On Friday we had a make-up day, where students had the opportunity to submit work they had been absent for and to work on other assignments I had marked as <<Redo>> or <<Finish and Show Me.>>

English 3H

We did the same things as above, but we used Wednesday to perform scripts the students had written Friday of the week before. Only a few students had any make-up work to do on Friday, so we made cat’s cradles and watched videos about how to manipulate the yarn. Then we watched a speech Vonnegut gave in 1999. Students should read chapters 1 – 37 of Cat’s Cradle before Monday, September 17, and complete the Guided Reading Questions that I provided to them in class.


I will not be in school Monday or Tuesday of next week, and students have been assured that I am leaving them meaningful work. Juniors will read Native American origin stories, and seniors will do some preliminary work leading into a reading of Beowulf.


You can send me emails or REMIND messages if you have any questions. I’ll see you Wednesday.