End of First Marking Period

Hi gang, remember me?

On the last day I was with you – September 7 – I provided an opportunity for you to make up assignments for which you had been absent or to complete assignments you need more time on.  My expectation was that i would be out the next Monday and Tuesday, so I was going to grade the papers and enter grades on that Tuesday. Of course, that’s not what happened and I have ended up out of service for the past 5 weeks or so now.  Nevertheless, earlier this week I got out of bed specifically to grade those papers. I was unable to put grades into the grade book program because I’m on temporary leave, but I did send Mrs. McCown a list of every assignment and the points that should be entered into the grade book on your behalf.  She assured me that she would take care of it, and I wanted you to know that I did not forget about you and the work that you have done. I hope the rest of the semester has gone well for you.

I know you probably have questions about my health, and so I wanted to drop a quick note here about that as well. I have stage 4 cancer and will be going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy for several months. I am not sure when I’m going to be able to return. It might be soon, but it will probably be later.  I realize that may be a little vague, but cancer is not a pretty process and I do not want to violate anyone’s sensibilities.

I do plan to return to work, and I do *want* to return to work. You may not believe me, but I miss you and wish that I were there with you every day. Please take care of yourselves and do what you need to do to ensure your success  in class.